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At Haberfield Health, we believe that good health is much more than simply the absence of pain or disease. Good health is about tapping into that energy and vitality that gives you the enthusiasm and drive to be the best that you can be – for yourself and your family.

Haberfield Health offers you the very best in natural & complementary health services and products to help you achieve optimal health!

Most of us remember feeling energetic, vibrant and healthy when we were children. However, as we take on the responsibility of adult life, we contend with long hours at work, and the every-day pressures of household chores, raising healthy and happy kids, juggling finances, and supporting family and friends, we find that our energy levels and enthusiasm for life are depleted, and we start to feel aches and pains, fatigue, illness and stress!

We, at Haberfield Health, can make a real difference.

Free Assessment

Are You Tired All The Time?

Adrenal dysfunction is probably the least recognized contributor to why people feel fatigued and is more often confused with depression or low blood sugar levels.

This short self-assessment can help you determine if you are experiencing some level of adrenal fatigue.


What Our Clients Say About Us

"I've had great results with my tummy & energy issues"

You are always greeted with friendly, smiling faces when you walk in the door at Haberfield Health.  I have had great results with my tummy and energy issues, thanks to Keri.  Over just a few months, Keri was able to get me back to feeling more than 100%.  The treatment plan she prescribed was easy to incorporate into each day, along with the small changes she recommended to my diet & breathing exercises, making a huge difference & continue to do so. I would highly recommend Haberfield Health

Kerrie FankerKingsgrove

"I have been relieved of 95% of symptoms"

I am a woman in my early sixties. I came to the practice for severe belching; stomach upsets for most things I was eating. (I have no allergies). SInce coming, I have been relieved of 95% of the above symptoms (5% are my own fault, over eating still).  The herbal mixture, diet changes, herbal tablets  I have bought, referred by the Naturopath have turned my "gut health" around.  Sleeping interruptions from insomnia have settled. I am a shift worker. Pleasure to be more at ease.

B WallaceAshfield

"I am very grateful"

“I first started seeing Maya Sweeney for a niggling ongoing and vague ear-ache of sorts.  In finding the right remedy Maya explored the symptoms in detail including what alleviated the symptom or made it worse, a time of day it was better or worse etc.  Maya then asked me about other states of my health, not just physical but also emotional and mental.  What is so fascinating about Homeopathy is that out of the hundreds of remedies there is one that matches the particular combination of symptoms being experienced. I had also been experiencing some emotional stress and was finding it impossible to break the cycle of obsessive thoughts and my emotional response to them (at times weeping and sobbing uncontrollably) concerning a particular situation in my life.  All this information gave a remedy ‘picture’ so to speak, even down to the content of the dream I had the night before (loosening and pulling out my teeth!!!) matched with this remedy!  I started taking it and reported to Maya a couple of days later that on the second night of taking the remedy my symptoms seemed to intensify acutely and dramatically but the morning after I woke up clear and refreshed as if a huge weight had been lifted from me…as if I had battled through something!  Maya informed me this was the ideal response; further indicating it was the exact remedy for me and at the right potency and dose. So many other ‘symptoms’ which I had taken for granted all my life as part of my nature also began to turn around, for example fluid retention and sluggish menses.  I am very grateful to Maya and for this seemingly simple but potent medicine.”  


Remedial Massage

“The day I was introduced to Tibetan singing bowls, as a healing instrument was a significant day for me.

As part of the massage therapy session, Maya lay the bowls along my back. To my astonishment the vibration produced was one of the most soothing effects I ever experienced. The only way it could be described is the sound fundamentally altered my body frequency. I felt so good and energised, a feeling I could describe as heavenly.”

William de OraBest-selling author – The Invisible Partnership: How To Live, Love, and Work With Your Life Partner

"Money well spent to maintain a healthy body and mind"

“After a long week sitting at a computer terminal I can feel the tension building up in my neck and shoulders as I hunch over the computer screen trying to deal with an increasing workload and urgent deadlines. Then a session of therapeutic massage releases the pent up tension and my body gradually relaxes and the tenseness dissipates. Feeling refreshed I am able to face the computer with renewed energy.

I thoroughly recommend Haberfield Naturopathic Centre and Rosa Ghidella for a relaxing and therapeutic massage and look forward to my regular sessions. It is money well spent to maintain a healthy body and mind. As the body relaxes, the mind becomes more productive. I commend Rosa for her professional manner and her friendly demeanour which makes the session very enjoyable.”

Reg Mu SungHaberfield

Remedial Massage

“I have been coming to Haberfield Naturopathic Centre for over 10 years. Even when I moved from the area I still travel to see Rosa and her team as the professionalism and care shown in treating any injuries or just a relaxing massage is second to none. I would highly recommend Rosa and her team for their wide range of services.” 

Chris AndrianakosHaberfield

Enter a space that is welcoming

“Walk through the door and take a break from the World. Enter a space that is welcoming, inspiring and whose every element is designed to support your mind, body and Spirit be as healthy as possible. To nurture through the bumpy bits and heal from the grazes of life’s path.

Be assured of a range of quality, safe, natural therapies delivered by a team of highly skilled practitioners committed to the vision of the HNC.

I know this because I have been coming back for over 13 years.”


"Treated like family rather than just a client"

“Haberfield Naturopathics continues to prove that it genuinely exists for the well-being of its clients. We recently suffered the loss of a dear friend. His partner was offered, as were we, continuing support from Rosa and her staff, providing him with therapies and care whenever he needed it. I know that this has been a great comfort to him and to his friends knowing that he has been treated like family rather than just a client, being supported in ways we cannot provide! Thank You!” 


"Suffering from Chronic Menstrual Condition for 18 years..."

“I had been suffering a chronic menstrual condition for 18 years which last year escalated to the point where it seemed a surgical procedure was inevitable.  After 2 months of Homeopathic Treatment symptoms have reduced by 80% and continue to improve month to month. It is highly unlikely that my condition will require surgery now.”


Meet Our Team

Adelia Justo
Adelia Justo
Massage Therapy
Tep Reidy
Tep Reidy
Massage Therapy
Lina Ishac Al Zaouk
Lina Ishac Al Zaouk
Remedial Massage / Mindfullness Therapist
Sarah Jensen
Sarah Jensen
Remedial Therapist
Suba Rajan
Suba Rajan
Massage Therapy & Darlius Energy Healing
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