For the most part, our body can get what it needs through diet and time in the sun; identifying what vitamin or mineral you’re not getting enough of, and eating foods that contain high levels of those vitamins and minerals.

However: sometimes the problem goes deeper than that. For example: people with a MTHFR deficiency might look like they’re simply lacking in folate, but what they’re really missing is the enzyme which allows them to use that folate within their body. So, simply ingesting more folate rich food might, in fact, make them sicker – due to an excess of folic acid in their blood.

Further, reversing an acute deficiency using solely food based sources may not be enough…unless you want to eat bags and bags of a particular fruit or vegetable, every single day until your levels are stabilised.

In short: supplements allow us to get the nutrients we need, in the form we need them in. They target issues directly, naturally and safely.