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TestimonialsWe love our work and we love knowing that what we do gets the results you deserve. Here is what a few of our contented clients have said about our services.


Life Coach NLP Transformational Coaching Session with Lina Bavaro – 2.2.16

I was flabbergasted after this amazing session with Lina. It was not the first time I had experimented with NLP work, but the results of our first appointment completely floored me!!

I am a proponent of natural health and am familiar with mind/body connections, and know how much our emotions and self-limiting beliefs can affect how we operate in our lives.

I came to see Lina initially to coach me toward understanding some limiting decisions I’ve been making around my current career path. I was in the process of changing my work patterns, but was feeling stuck and not moving forward in my expectations. I had a recurring lower stomach ache which worsened with stress, and was at my wits end trying to manage it.

We began looking at current emotions and beliefs that maybe holding me back, and formatted this in a question. From this question Lina discussed how NLP could help me look at my problem from an ‘unconscious’ level helping me let go of my mental judgements.

We started looking at four emotions that had presented in my ‘current question’ and one by one was directed to look at the origin of my beliefs around each emotion. Lina led me through what they call in NLP – the ‘time line’. I was directed back to the first time I remembered (unconsciously) each emotion, and instead of feeling the emotion, was able to ‘step-back’ and objectively observe my reactions to each emotion. By being able to observe the emotion, I was able to ‘learn the lesson’ of the emotion.

Once we are able to glean the ‘lesson’ of these emotions, the NLP therapy guides you forward, and allows you to carry these lessons forward on your timeline to clear the memories and stuck beliefs around these emotions.

I came to this session hoping to address my ‘stuck patterns’, but have come out feeling very different. Those driving negative emotions were just obliterated in one session!! I feel relaxed, relieved, peaceful and my stomach pain has simmered considerably. Not just one self-limiting emotion was addressed, but a whole cascade of ‘heavy emotions’ have floated away.

What can I say – quite a therapy!!! Thankyou Lina.” ~ KH, Haberfield


Remedial Massage

When I was referred to Haberfield Health for a remedial massage by my rehab specialist, I was sceptical and resigned to the possibility of a life of pain.  I had been told that I needed to consider spinal fusion surgery.  My specialist knew I was not happy.  However, I took his referral and booked in, speaking to Rosa about my options.  I was told that I would need a minimum of 6-8 massages on a weekly basis.  Over the course of what turned out to be 10 sessions, I saw several practitioners.  All of them were professional, warm and obviously fully qualified.  I was given stretches, informed about how to improve my posture, and my therapy included a mix of therapies – deep tissue massage, relaxation and some trigger point and acupressure techniques.  Initially, the pain was excruciating, but by about the 6th week, I started to feel fantastic.  I can now sit on the floor with my 3 year old son and play with him without pain and without fear that I would not be able to get up again” ~ Stephen, Leichhardt


Naturopathic Services

“I had suffered with acne on my face, neck and back for most of my adult life and I had tried numerous antibiotics and other pills over the years to try and cure it. Unfortunately all of them only provided some relief while I was taking the medication. Once the course of pills was finished the acne would return in full force. It was painful, unattractive and dramatically affected my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Upon moving back home to Australia after living in the UK for an extended period, I was so pleased to find Haberfield Health across the road from my new flat as naturopathy was a course of treatment I had been wanting to try to treat my acne for a long time. I was greeted by the lovely Rosa, who explained my options thoroughly and booked me in for my first consultation with Keri in a few days time.

It is without any hesitation that I can say that making the decision to use naturopathy to treat my acne has been one of the best I’ve made in a long time. Keri is a kind, attentive therapist who is obviously incredibly experienced and the treatment plans she has prescribed for me are easy to follow and to incorporate into my daily schedule. Rosa’s suggestions for face washes, masks and moisturisers have been perfect and I love using my new products such as the Argital Vegetal Whitening Cleanser, the Burdock Cream and the Fine Green Marine Clay Mask. After only three weeks the skin on my face, neck and back has dramatically improved and I know that my acne will gradually disappear and it will be for good this time.

Following my experience to date at Haberfield Health, I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone thinking of using naturopathy to help with a particular ailment. The clinic also provides a range of other services such reiki and massage, which I will be looking to indulge in sometime in the very near future!” ~ CE, Haberfield



“I had a great and speedy result from homeopathy. I had a persistent cough for over 12 months with chest infections. I’d tried many doctors’ treatments that didn’t work. After just over a months’ worth of treatments I no longer have constant coughing fits and I feel great. I wish I had tried this earlier!”~ Sarah Downie


Remedial Massage & Energy Healing

‘The past 4 years I have been going to Haberfield Naturopathics and have always found it a beautifully presented and warm space. Everyone I have come into contact with at the clinic is friendly, helpful and passionate about the therapies and products on offer.

I have been seeing Suba for massages and some energy healing for almost a year now and have found her gentle and holistic approach very beneficial to both body and mind! My posture has improved and I suffer headaches less often. I have already recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so.

I very much look forward to each and every appointment and feel like a million bucks after a massage!’ ~ Teresa Redrup, Haberfield



 “My nine year old still had a bed wetting problem with no improvement in sight. I decided to see a Homeopath, who gave me a thorough analysis of my son, based on observation, specific questions etc.  He was prescribed a remedy. After using the remedy for two days, my son’s bed wetting had significantly improved.  He had 14 dry nights out of 17. A miracle!!” – D.C; Haberfield


Remedial Massage

“My mum and I have been regularly going to Haberfield Naturopathic Centre to be treated by Rosa and her team for over 10 years. In one word, Rosa and her team are fantastic. They’re a bunch of highly trained, caring and energetic professionals who are genuinely caring and concerned for your health and wellbeing. Over the years we’ve been mainly going for massage therapy, but on occasion we have tried a few of their other therapies. All the therapies that we’ve tried are wonderful and you can be always be assured the therapist treating you is professional, qualified, and cares. Also their clinic is always clean and calm, a perfect environment to feel relaxed and refreshed. We’ve tried other places but nowhere else compares to the service, quality and overall benefit we gain from Rosa and her team – plus they’re never pushy with future appointments or products which is very different to most other places. So if you’re in need of a massage to unwind or mend that crook in your body, or if you’re seeking a course of natural, balanced therapies for your health – we highly recommend Haberfield Naturopathic Centre. ~ L Chu and S Barker


Remedial Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy

“Suba is a truly amazing massage therapist. Not only do I love and enjoy her relaxing massages, but Suba has relieved my headaches. I highly recommend her.” ~ Patricia George


Homeopathy and Remedial Massage

“I was receiving regular weekly massages from one of the other therapists at Haberfield Health up until four weeks ago when she told me after the massage treatment that I should get some reiki or homeopathy as she couldn’t treat me further. My body was holding on to my emotions and even with the lightest pressure, my muscles wouldn’t relax. I scheduled an appointment to receive reiki and enquired about homeopathy and what the treatment entails.

My initial consultation with the Homeopath was long (one and a half hours) because the case history required for homeopathic treatment is extensive. It covers everything from a family history of illnesses and conditions, to my own health, illnesses/conditions, what food and drink I imbibe, sleep patterns, mood, personality, bodily rhythms, medications I take and traumas I have experienced. I found it sometimes difficult to answer the questions but tried my best.

At the end of the consultation I was told that my current symptoms and emotions stem from the memories of the past traumas I have suffered. These symptoms included suppressed anger, feeling lonely and down at night, a lack of self-confidence and feeling scared to try new things.

The homeopath didn’t have sufficient ingredients that day to make me the trauma remedy so she started me on a grief remedy instead. I began the trauma remedy a few days later and immediately experienced an exacerbation of my current symptoms during the first 48 hours of taking the remedy. I had two fights which were extremely stressful and made me angry, I felt lonely and depressed when home alone at night and my self-esteem was at a very low ebb.

In the third week I discovered the positive effects of the trauma remedy: an overwhelming calmness, a feeling of general well-being and a boost to my confidence, self-esteem and positive outlook on life. Situations that normally made me angry or stress weren’t having the same effect. For example, I was at TAFE and my head teacher was extremely stressed out and poured out her stress on the class. Although I got a little stressed listening to her, as soon as I left that environment my mood changed and I returned to feeling calm and cantered again. I spent time at home alone and have actually enjoyed the peace and quiet of the house without feeling lonely, upset or depressed. My self-esteem and confidence have also received a boost and I generally feel happy, confident and able to face new opportunities with excitement and the anticipation that whatever happens will be for the best. As a result of my new found confidence and general positive outlook, I have been able to begin a new relationship and feel more self-assured and confident than I have ever felt before.

I highly recommend anyone considering trying Homeopathy to give it a go. It really has had a huge impact on my life and allowed me to become a calmer and more relaxed person. I no longer experience sudden unexplained outbursts of anger or crying my eyes out for no reason, I no longer feel depressed being at home on my own, afraid to try new things or lacking in self-confidence. I can testify to the impact it has on my life and I challenge you to try it and see what results it can bring in your own life. ~ Gabi, Rozelle


Remedial Massage & Acupuncture

“I am a 57 year old woman and have been attending the Haberfield Naturopathic Centre for 12+ years.    I have chronic back problems and had to go to physio 2 or 3 times a year for numerous treatments, but since becoming a patient of Rosa Ghidella, I have not had to see my physio for a number of years now.    Rosa gives the most wonderful remedial massages, relaxation massages, foot massages…… ahh I’m in happy dream land just thinking about them.

The Centre also has other excellent practitioners of natural medicine, of which I have had treatments as well, such as facial radiance and acupuncture.   I always leave feeling fantastic and eagerly look forward to my next visit.

Domenica on reception is warm and friendly and knowledgeable about the natural products on display and for sale.   I highly recommend this Centre to everyone young or old male or female, whether you have some sort of ailment or are just looking for some TLC and relaxation away from life’s craziness.”  ~ Anne-Marie, Leichhardt



“I had been suffering a chronic menstrual condition for 18 years which last year escalated to the point where it seemed a surgical procedure was inevitable.  After 2 months of Homeopathic Treatment symptoms have reduced by 80% and continue to improve month to month. It is highly unlikely that my condition will require surgery now.” ~ M.Hodge, Mosman


“Haberfield Naturopathics continues to prove that it genuinely exists for the well-being of its clients. We recently suffered the loss of a dear friend. His partner was offered, as were we, continuing support from Rosa and her staff, providing him with therapies and care whenever he needed it. I know that this has been a great comfort to him and to his friends knowing that he has been treated like family rather than just a client, being supported in ways we cannot provide! Thank You!” ~ J.C  Ashfield


“Walk through the door and take a break from the World. Enter a space that is welcoming, inspiring and whose every element is designed to support your mind, body and Spirit be as healthy as possible. To nurture through the bumpy bits and heal from the grazes of life’s path.

Be assured of a range of quality, safe, natural therapies delivered by a team of highly skilled practitioners committed to the vision of the HNC.

I know this because I have been coming back for over 13 years.” ~ Marie


“I have been coming to Haberfield Naturopathic Centre for over 10 years. Even when I moved from the area I still travel to see Rosa and her team as the professionalism and care shown in treating any injuries or just a relaxing massage is second to none. I would highly recommend Rosa and her team for their wide range of services.” ~ Chris Andrianakos


“After a long week sitting at a computer terminal I can feel the tension building up in my neck and shoulders as I hunch over the computer screen trying to deal with an increasing workload and urgent deadlines. Then a session of therapeutic massage releases the pent up tension and my body gradually relaxes and the tenseness dissipates. Feeling refreshed I am able to face the computer with renewed energy.

I thoroughly recommend Haberfield Naturopathic Centre and Rosa Ghidella for a relaxing and therapeutic massage and look forward to my regular sessions. It is money well spent to maintain a healthy body and mind. As the body relaxes, the mind becomes more productive. I commend Rosa for her professional manner and her friendly demeanour which makes the session very enjoyable.” ~ Reg Mu Sung


“The therapists at Haberfield Naturopathic Centre are the core, the heart, of my health maintenance team. My name is Judith, I’m 68 years old, and this is breaking down, that’s falling apart,and the other thing doesn’t work properly. Despite these age inconveniences, I’m in great nick thanks to Rosa, Irene and Domenica.

Rosa has been providing me with therapeutic, healing, relaxing massages about once a month for 6-8 years. When I’m in the massage room with soft lighting, soothing music and Rosa’s firm, confident and expert hands, arms, elbows finding the kinks, smoothing out the knots, applying aromatherapy oils to suit my need at that time, I relish my treatment. This is my time, my well-being, me being cared for and care about. After half an hour I leave feeling strong, supple and pampered. Rosa’s in depth knowledge, expertise and lovely attitude cannot be doubted.

Irene is a more recent addition to my team, probably around 2 years or so. I’d long considered acupuncture and, after my first consultation with Irene, I knew I’d found THE person and I’ve never looked back. Irene, and her little needles, works health improving magic. I call it magic but I know the years of study, work, practice and care that has gone into making my acupuncture sessions seem so simple and so affirming. I look forward to every visit, knowing that exactly what I need will be carefully and skilfully discovered and treated. I don’t know precisely how acupuncture works, or just what Irene feels when she takes my pulses, I just know that every time I have a treatment I leave the Centre feeling well, energized, and clear in body and mind.

Then there’s the lovely Domenica, who smiles, chats, laughs and pours beautiful tea. But more than that she manages much of the administration with tact, personal attention and great cheerfulness.

I cannot now imagine my life without the wonderful, professional therapists and practitioners at the Haberfield Naturopathic Centre. The total package of ambiance, caring and skill will keep me returning for many years to come. Many years I have thanks to them.” ~ Judith Townsend


“The day I was introduced to Tibetan singing bowls, as a healing instrument was a significant day for me.

As part of the massage therapy session, Maya lay the bowls along my back. To my astonishment the vibration produced was one of the most soothing effects I ever experienced. The only way it could be described is the sound fundamentally altered my body frequency. I felt so good and energised, a feeling I could describe as heavenly.” ~ William de Ora
Best-selling author – The Invisible Partnership: How To Live, Love, and Work With Your Life Partner


“I first started seeing Maya Sweeney for a niggling ongoing and vague ear-ache of sorts.  In finding the right remedy Maya explored the symptoms in detail including what alleviated the symptom or made it worse, a time of day it was better or worse etc.  Maya then asked me about other states of my health, not just physical but also emotional and mental.  What is so fascinating about Homeopathy is that out of the hundreds of remedies there is one that matches the particular combination of symptoms being experienced. I had also been experiencing some emotional stress and was finding it impossible to break the cycle of obsessive thoughts and my emotional response to them (at times weeping and sobbing uncontrollably) concerning a particular situation in my life.  All this information gave a remedy ‘picture’ so to speak, even down to the content of the dream I had the night before (loosening and pulling out my teeth!!!) matched with this remedy!  I started taking it and reported to Maya a couple of days later that on the second night of taking the remedy my symptoms seemed to intensify acutely and dramatically but the morning after I woke up clear and refreshed as if a huge weight had been lifted from me…as if I had battled through something!  Maya informed me this was the ideal response; further indicating it was the exact remedy for me and at the right potency and dose. So many other ‘symptoms’ which I had taken for granted all my life as part of my nature also began to turn around, for example fluid retention and sluggish menses.  I am very grateful to Maya and for this seemingly simple but potent medicine.”  ~ Louise, ASHFIELD