Lina Ishac Al Zaouk

Lina Ishac Al Zaouk

Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Remedial Massage Therapy

Lina initially graduated with a Diploma Remedial Therapies in 1996 and has since had a range of clinical experience with her signature treatments in bodywork. Her speciality is sports massage, lymphatic and body sculpturing and detox programs.

Lina believes everyone needs Vitamin “T” in their lives. Touch is so important for optimal health and wellbeing. Lina is very passionate about her work and works from the heart.

Her 24 years of continuous clinic experience speaks for itself and is second to none. Lina’s interest in massage came after working at a naturopathic college for 10 years where she managed the office and implemented corporate massages and 15 mins stress busters in the corporate world and also worked at special events, seminars and sporting fields.

Among Lina’s lengthy bodywork experience she is also trained in the train the trainer, NLP, Cranial Therapy, Acupressure for Pregnancy and Birth. She has experience in student clinical supervision and has worked alongside very reputable osteopaths and practitioners who have sealed her knowledge and experience in this field.

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Her qualifications are inclusive of :
  • Degree in Social science /Diploma of Communication and Counselling
  • Diploma of Remedial Therapies
  • Certificate in Sports Massage/ corporate Stress management
  • Certificate Nutrition
  • Certificate Lymphatic drainage
  • Certificate in Craniotherapy I & II
  • Certificate in TFT (Thought Field Therapy)
  • Certificate NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)
  • Certificate in Manual Lymph Drainage and Detox
  • Certificate in Detox Massage

Available: Wednesdays 2 pm – 5 pm & Saturdays 8 am – 2 pm

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