Daniel Beron

Daniel Beron

Remedial Massage Therapy

My name is Daniel Beron. I am a fully qualified massage therapist with professional experience working with leading massage companies and now a proud member of Haberfield Health. I am an active member of the Association of Massage Therapists and I hold both public liability and professional indemnity insurance, along with an up-to-date first aid certificate.

Why Massage
Massage is where my passion lies. I know from firsthand experience how therapeutic massage can be, on many levels. Therefore, I find it deeply rewarding to be able to help and a privilege to offer this service to clients. I am an excellent communicator, a caring, empathetic listener and I uphold the highest standards of discretion and professionalism at all times.
At your first appointment, I provide an initial assessment to formulate and customise an effective treatment plan to help achieve the results you are looking for.

Sports & Coaching
For many years I have been involved in a range of sports and besides Massage, Basketball and Football are my other passions. I played competition basketball from a young age and as an adult, professionally coached young men and women to first grade Sydney competitions, winning several tournaments. This experience was another extremely rewarding activity, both for the love of the sport and seeing the team develop as individuals on and off the court. This again reinforced that hard work in your physical training pays off, as well as discipline and team work. I am also interested in fitness and train regularly. Therefore, I understand the commitment, dedication and physical impact on the body and how best to treat it, using Massage Therapy.

Dance & Music
It’s my belief that our souls would be empty without culture, music and dance. With South American (Argentinean) roots, I understand and have been involved in folk and Latin dancing for many years. This includes the local Latin/music community, not just in a form of entertainment but also as form of expression and culture. Therefore, I understand how dancing can be a fun and very healthy way to exercise. Whether you’re a part time or professional dancer, I can help to keep you injury free, support your dancing and provide tailored, specialist treatment.


Thursdays 2pm – 7pm