Christina Noelle Atkins

Christina Noelle Atkins

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Christina has been a practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 16 years and is a registered practitioner with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), and a professional member of Australasian Council of Chinese Medicine Associations (ACCMA).

She graduated from Sydney Institute of Chinese Medicine (SITCM) with a Bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and completed an internship at Zhejiang TCM hospital in Hangzhou, China.  Christina provides the full services of a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, which includes Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxabustion and dietary therapy.

Christina provides support for:
  • women’s  heath
  • chronic pain issues e.g. arthritis, migraines
  • muscular skeletal pain/sporting injuries
  • digestive problems
  • preconception care (male and female )
  • IVF support,
  • Pregnancy care, and
  • pre- and post pregnancy related symptoms .e.g. nausea, pubic symphysis, sciatica, oedema, labour induction, mastitis, post-natal depression, turning breech or posterior babies.

Christina participates as an acupuncturist as part of the clinical trials at University of Western Sydney    testing the effectiveness of Acupuncture applied during an IVF cycle and at the time of embryo transfer.

Christina’s focus is in disease prevention and harmonising the body’s imbalances.   She gives in-service talks at local maternity wards to midwives to inform them of the benefits of Acupuncture for pregnant women and the effectiveness of acupressure for pain relief during labour.

Christina’s treatments are based on meridian style Japanese Acupuncture providing effective results with little discomfort to the patient. Christina travels yearly to spend time with her mentors in Japan and strives to continue to develop professionally and personally on this holistic path of Eastern medicine.

She maintains a busy practice whilst raising 3 wonderful children who love receiving treatments.

Christina welcomes any questions and looks forward to meeting you.


  • Saturdays – 8am to 3pm