Salads are a summer staple – light, cool and easy to make. It’s great for your health and your sense of culinary adventure to try new things in your salads; it improves the variety of minerals and vitamins you’re getting as well as making your meals more interesting. Here’s some ideas.


1. Grapes

Grapes add a nice pop of acidity that will balance out the saltiness of feta cheese, and the sweetness of items like corn or lettuce. Slice them in half and toss them through; they’re absolutely magic as an accompaniment for chicken or cos.

2. Dried cranberries

Tart and packed with vitamins, a handful of dried cranberries adds texture and flavour. They go well in grain based salads, or with roasted vegetables.

3. Tofu

Rather than putting a boiled egg in, try some tofu – all the protein and none of the cholesterol. Try marinating it in teriyaki sauce, or a lemon and herb mix before frying or baking.

4. Hummus

Hummus is so much more than just a spread. Thin it down with water or add it to Greek yoghurt for a fantastic creamy salad dressing with lots of protein and much less fat than regular creamy dressings.

5. Fresh Herbs

Herbs are a great way to add flavour without adding fat or salt. Basil loves a Greek salad; dill is fantastic with any kind of fish or roast vegetables; coriander is a must in any Asian-style salad.


Your health practitioner is a great resource here too, as they’ll be able to make recommendations based  on your specific dietary needs. Following their directives, your creative salad might be your very best medicine.