Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is trying to sell you a new miracle product that will have your body suddenly slim again. The truth is: the only weight loss tool you need is a fully functioning, healthy body that is nourished well and often.

Your body doesn’t pile on the pounds just to spite you. It adds fat to try and keep you warm when you’re cold. When you eat a lot of fatty, fried foods, your body stores that fat for later – assuming you might need it. It puts weight on when you have a baby to ensure you have enough fuel to keep you going through your pregnancy, and then breastfeeding. If you diet too much, it stores whatever it can to keep you nourished during those lean times. Your body was made to survive in basic conditions – so when you’re living too extravagantly, it does the best it can to understand and act accordingly. Genetics play a role too: if generations after generations of your family members lived in poor or cold climates, storing fat may be encoded into your DNA.

If you’re gaining weight or can’t lose it, your body thinks you need more fat for survival reasons (its number one job is to keep you alive). Even if you don’t particularly appreciate it…it’s just trying to help.

If you’re eating right, exercising regularly and still putting on pound after pound, your body may think you’re malnourished and need to store as much fuel as you can. Finding out what vitamin or mineral you’re deficient in or failing to absorb properly will help get things back on track. Alternatively, the systems in your body which regulate weight may not be working properly due to elements like improper sleep and stress are throwing signals awry – again, once you’ve identified the root of the problem, you can help get your body back to a place where it’s aware that you don’t need the extra fat.

If you’d like to find out exactly what’s happening in your body and how you can nudge it toward weight loss, we’d love to chat – give us a call or visit our contact page to find out more.