Simple Christmas idea for those with a lot of people to buy for: a box or jar with everything your recipient needs to make themselves a fantastic treat.

For a pancake kit, buy good quality maple syrup, some other toppings (little tins of fruit maybe), and fill a jar with flour, sugar and powdered milk so all they have to do is add water and eggs.

For a marinade kit, all you need is good quality olive oil, herbs and spices (and maybe a garlic bulb or two). Perfect for vegetarians and vegans too: a great inclusion for a vegan marinade kit is nutritional yeast, which tastes like Parmesan and will ensure they get their B vitamins.

Baking in a jar is always a great idea: layer all the different ingredients (flour, sugar, chocolate chips, whatever’s in the item) and stick a festive instruction card to the front.

Curry kits are another great option. Make your own curry paste (lots of great recipes online), and add a jar of coconut milk and a bag of good quality rice to your kit.

The options are as endless as your imagination.