Natural Weight Management and Nutrition

Sometimes, losing weight can be an uphill battle.  While most of us know the importance of nutrition and eating well, this can be difficult to do when life is busy and stressful, when we work long hours, are on specific medications, or live a sedentary lifestyle.

We now know that good health is important, not only to allow us to be active and alert, but it is important in preventing serious illness such as diabetes and heart disease.

While many people these days turn to appetite-suppressants, these are often laden with drugs and chemicals that can be detrimental to your long term health.

The foods that we consume play more of a role in our health than perhaps anything else, and we need to remember that food can be a powerful medicine for good health.exc  This may include the prescription of specific herbs to:-

  • Keep your body strong,
  • Promote the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients,
  • Improve metabolism,
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels and stave off cravings,
  • Address fatigue and stress levels that can contribute to over-eating or consuming the wrong foods

Kinesiology can also assist natural weight loss by:

  • Helping to identify and release negative patterns of thinking and belief systems that contribute to poor body image


Our Natural Weight Management & Nutrition Team

Keri Hogarth
Keri Hogarth
Naturopathy, Nutrition & Herbal Medicine