Darlius® Energy Healing

Are you looking for nurturing, healing, balance & clarity in life?

Are you looking for gentle, non-invasive therapies that can heal & balance the mind, body & emotions?


Why Darlius® Energy Healing and Massage?

Darlius® Energy Healing – The presence of illness, pain or emotional disturbance in the body is the result of an imbalance in the vibrational flow of energy in the body. Darlius® energy techniques assist in healing the mind and body by altering the vibration of energy within the cellular structure of the body.

Darlius® Energy Healing and Massage are safe, complementary therapies that can treat chronic and acute illnesses of the body and mind, and restore both to a state of balance. They can also be used just to help one relax and escape temporarily from the demands of a fast paced life. They are suitable for all ages and are a holistic platform for healing both body and mind.

Our Darlius® Energy Healers

Suba Rajan
Suba Rajan
Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy & Darlius Energy Healing