Beat Adrenal Burnout (BAB) Program

Our 6 Week Beat Adrenal Burnout (BAB) Program is designed to support women who are experiencing high levels of stress, fatigue, overwhelm, weight gain and hormonal imbalances. This naturopathically supervised program offers results, professional support and guidance for maximum results.

For many women today, in our busy and fast-paced modern lives, we can find ourselves juggling many roles and responsibilities and commonly experience high levels of stress. When we experience stress, our bodies respond in a primeval “fight or flight” response, an inbuilt survival mechanism that is designed to save our lives from the immediate threat of danger. During a stressful situation, our adrenal glands produce certain hormones in response to stress that enable us to deal with the source of stress swiftly and powerfully. This is very effective when we are faced with a serious life threatening situation. Once the crisis has passed, our bodies should return to a state of balance and normal function. In the modern world, though, our daily stressors are rarely life threatening, but our stressors can be relentless, and bodies respond in the same way:- a call from the tax office, an argument with your partner, being stuck in a traffic jam, all of these can result in a similar fight or flight response. Our stress response remains continually “switched-on” and high levels of stress hormones are continually pumped through the body, leading to adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Adrenal Burnout is probably the least recognized contributor to fatigued and exhaustion. It is often confused for depression or low blood sugar. Adrenal fatigue and burnout is a result of constant stress to the body and if it goes unnoticed it can contribute toward metabolic syndrome and a host of other serious and chronic conditions, including insomnia, Thyroid disease, depression, immune dysfunctions, and Addison’s disease to name a few.


This program is for you if you regularly experience the following:

✔I’m constantly exhausted, unmotivated & lacking in energy

✔ I’m highly strung, stressed & anxious

✔ I have trouble relaxing and switching off

✔ I feel “wired & tired” before bed, I wake regularly & feel depleted in the morning

✔ I put on weight easily, regardless of what I eat

✔ I have constant sugar cravings & can’t get going without my coffee in the morning

✔ I suffer from “brain fog” and feel overwhelmed

✔ I get irritable and moody

✔ I don’t feel like myself any more


You can Beat Adrenal Burnout in just 6 weeks AND Get your energy & your life back

This is what you get:

✔ 6-weeks professional support with our qualified Naturopath

✔ Clinically proven results & drug-free solutions

✔ Individually-tailored herbal medicine & supplements

✔ Nutritional & holistic strategies


The Beat Adrenal Burnout (BAB) Program helps you to:

✔ Learn to identify your triggers

✔ Drastically improve your energy levels

✔ Improve the quality of your sleep

✔ Balance your hormones & your mood

✔ Heal your gut & replenish yourself nutritionally

✔ Manage stress levels naturally & easily

✔ Feel like your old self, even better


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