Natural Skin Spa Haberfield
What makes our Natural Skin Spa stand out from the rest?
Our skin is our largest organ and is a mirror of our internal health. Treating your skin to a facial is important to keep skin looking fresh and radiant.

Our Natural Skin Spa is unique in that it uses only pure, natural products that are rich in nutrients.  These nutrients, derived from mainly plant based ingredients, feed and also nourish our skin.  These ingredients are gentle and effective without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

The benefits of our natural facials are incredible. Not only will your skin feel the difference; you will also feel deeply relaxed. In fact, you will feel your mind float away with the scent of essential oils as they are massaged into your skin.

Our Natural Skin Spa facials deliver results after just one treatment, with no downtime or embarrassing redness.

Our dermal therapist has carefully selected a unique range of natural and organic products to use in our skin spa.  These products are all chemical-free and contain no synthetics.

One of our favourite product ranges is Argital.  Argital uses 100% pure essential oils, plant extracts, green clay and other natural ingredients from the Earth, so when you step away after having an Argital facial not only will your skin appear more supple, nourished and radiant but you can have peace of mind knowing that all products used are 100% natural and sourced sustainably.

Beautiful skin, beautiful planet.

Treatment Menu
Our Natural Skin Spa combines beautiful skincare that nourishes and feeds the skin with professional treatments
Initial Skin Consultation – (15 min) – FREE

Having a consultation prior to your skin treatments allows our Dermal Therapist to tailor to your skincare needs but also helps to identify the condition of your skin to help achieve your ultimate natural skincare goals.  *Compulsory for first-time visitors

Guided Mini Facial – (45 min) – $65

A consultation and mini-facial designed to show you how to use your recommended products at home.  Your face will receive a deep cleanse, serum or oil, moisturiser & sun protection. Our Dermal Therapist will educate you on how & when to apply your products to achieve the best results for your individual skin type.

Argital Signature Facial – (60 min) – $135

This relaxing 1-hour treatment incorporates a facial steam clean, exfoliation, facial tonic, cay mask, facial oil, and moisturizer application. This treatment also includes ice globe massage, hot towels, and hand and arm massage.

LaMav Certified Organic Facial – (60 min) – $145

This Certified Organic 1hr treatment incorporates a cleanse, AHA exfoliation, treatment mask, facial oil/serum, and moisturizer application while involving a lymphatic facial massage using rose quartz or Kansa wand, hot towels, and hand and arm massage.

Express Facial – (30 min) – $75

For the time-poor. This facial gets right down to business incorporating a facial cleanse, exfoliation, facial tonic, clay mask, facial oil, and moisturizer application with the use of hot towels to open up the pores.

Man Facial – (30 min) – $85

For that masculine touch. This facial incorporates the same steps as the Express Facial with the added application of a nourishing beard oil.

Facial Extractions –  $95 (30 mins) & $155 (60 mins)

Ideal for those with problem-prone skin (i.e, acne, blackheads, milia). This treatment incorporates manual exfoliation and extraction of unwanted congestion within the skin with the use of a gentle scrub and fine needles.

Add Ons:
Natural Enzyme Peel – $25

This fruit based peel is a great addition to your facial treatment & a great alternative to chemical peels. It will exfoliate your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

High Frequency Treatment – (20 min) $75 each, 6-pack for $55 each

A safe, gentle & therapeutic approach to overall skin rejuvenation, high frequency increases oxygen improving the overall skin texture, tone & health of the skin. Excellent for acne, enlarged pores, puffy eyes, fine lines & wrinkles

Rezenerate Nanofacial (45 min) $165 each, 3-pack for $420

A complete facial treatment incorporating cleansing, vibratory massage, serum infusion and cool touch therapy to deliver the Best. Facial. Ever