Qi (chinese) or Ki (japanese) is More Than a Word ~ Christina Atkins

Qi ( Chinese) or Ki (Japanese ) isGold Yin Yang Symbol more than a word.  It is a concept, an idea, a philosophy.

A direct translation does not exist in the English language though most simply explained it is energy that encompasses all things living. It is the dance and interplay of life force that is constantly moving, changing and allows growth, health, wellness and life.

When Qi is blocked, there is stagnation in the energetic channels of the body.   They become blocked and this is often when pain and diseases can occur.

When an acupuncturist takes your pulse, they are checking for the imbalances in your organs and meridians.  As they treat you, they often refer back to the pulse to see if the pulses are balanced from the points that they have chosen to treat.

In Eastern medicine we always make reference to Qi /Ki as we are constantly striving to ensure a smooth flow of Qi in the body. In encouraging harmonious movement of Qi in your body we are able prevent illness and promote a well nourished body, mind and spirit.

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