Invest in Your Health with Acupuncture

HH-InvestInYourHealthWithAcupunctureOur greatest enjoyment in life often comes when we are feeling at our best. Health has a key role to play in this and is worth investing in each and every day.

Are you looking for a holistic natural and reliable health care system?  Do you have nagging ongoing health issues that are hard to shake? Haberfield Naturopathic Centre practitioners can help you overcome ongoing health issues and put you on the path to find your healthiest self.  Good health begins with prevention and that starts with you

Chinese medicine is holistic and uses a unique system of diagnosis that allows us to see patterns of health within the body that other forms of medicine often cannot. It does not just treat symptoms – your entire system is addressed. Such an approach provides a more complete treatment and assists in preventing a reoccurrence of a condition.

My focus as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist is to promote health through this rich and expansive form of medicine. I treat a variety of health conditions and as a qualified midwife have developed specialities in women’s health.