How Can Acupuncture Support My Ivf Treatment? Christina Atkins, Acupuncture

Pregnant Couple 1Acupuncture and moxibustion are known to assist with natural fertility; but there is also an increasing amount of research that shows that Acupuncture can support higher success rates of IVF-assisted pregnancy with the  outcome of birthing healthy babies.

Acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herbs can support you through your IVF cycle in the following ways:-

Preparatory treatment

Regular acupuncture treatment preceding your egg harvesting and prior to undergoing your drug regime is recommended to improve the quality of eggs produced. It is recommended to receive treatment at least 3 months prior, for maximum benefit, to positively support follicular development.

During this time we are able to regulate your cycle, as Acupuncture and moxibustion directly increase blood flow to the uterus and the ovaries. This results in well-nourished follicles and a regulated period. Improved blood flow to the uterus assists in a complete shedding of the old endometrium and then allowing a fresh healthier endometrial tissue to be grown in the next cycle.  This is so important:- in order for a new life to flourish a thick healthy endometrium is needed so the embryo can firmly anchor its home for the next  9 months.

Many women who have found in the past to have insufficient endometrial thickness (7 mm or less) have experienced thicker fuller lining with the assistance of regular treatments.

Post egg harvest

Following your egg collection many women can experience over-stimulation from drug sensitivity. This is can also be an incredibly painful experience.   Acupuncture, immediately after egg harvest, is able to assist in pain relief, help your body metabolise the drugs from your body and minimize any side effects from the various medications.  Treatment will also assist the uterus prepare for the embryo transfer and ultimately successful implantation.

 Embryo transfer

Two treatments, one prior to embryo transfer and one post transfer, have been shown to increase continued pregnancy and live birth rates.

After transfer

Regular treatment is recommended to assist the implantation of the embryo. Once your positive tests are confirmed, ongoing treatment is recommended for at least the first twelve weeks to minimize the risk of miscarriage.

Undergoing assisted reproductive therapy (ART) can be a stressful time. Regular Acupuncture treatments can help keep your mind calm and your body healthy. Acupuncture is low risk and can be safely integrated with your fertility specialist to give you the highest chance of pregnancy success, as well as improved health outcomes along the way.

If you are interested in some of the studies that support acupuncture, combined with ART, or an Australian study identifying the benefits of acupuncture assisting in reproductive therapies, see the links below.