Summer is heading our way…and it doesn’t have to mean sugary icy poles or nutritionally-lacking icecream options. Here’s a few simple, easy, nourishing treats that your kids (and adults!) will love.

Frozen Grapes

For a sweet, cold treat, put a bag of grapes in the freezer. Kids love these, especially when you give them a mix of red and green – for grown-ups, they’re a great way to chill your wine without watering it down.

Yoghurt Pops

Buy a set of yoghurt pottles (the kind you put in lunch boxes), poke popsicle sticks through the lids, and freeze them. Pop them out of the pottles, pull the lid off the stick, and you’re ready to go. Be mindful of what’s in the yoghurt you buy, as some of them have a lot of sugar and additives – if you prefer something more organic, you can mix natural, unsweetened yoghurt and fruit puree together to pop in a popsicle tray.

Banana Icecream

Get some very ripe bananas, freeze them for a few days, peel and put in a blender. It’s the easiest, healthiest icecream you’ll ever make.

Fruit Flowers

Use a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut a slice of watermelon, then cut a circle in the middle of the flower. Repeat with a different coloured melon (like rock or honeydew). Use the circles from one melon and the flowers from another, and push a chopstick through from base to top to hold it all together (and make it easy to eat).