Healthy Adults, Healthy Babies ~ Jasmina Matic

The one thing that any expecting parent will always wish for their child is that they are healthy. While our genetics do play a role in this, our pre, during and post conception care is essential for making the healthiest babies we can. It is essential healthcare for conception, pregnancy, baby, child and adult.

Preconception cNatural Fertlityare can help:
• Increase the chance of conception & reduce the risk of miscarriage
• Reduce the risk of birth defects
• Reduce the risk of childhood health issues like allergy, asthma, learning/behavioural problems
• Increase the chances of creating a wonderful child with robust health and optimal immune system.

It is important to start pre-conception care as soon as baby planning starts. In the case of pregnancy surprises, it is never too late to start as care during and after pregnancy is also just as important. Both parents need to prepare their bodies in prbaby in white towele conception care as they both provide the building blocks for new life in their eggs and sperm. Once conception has taken place, the mother needs to optimise her health and have an adequate nutritional status to sustain a 9 month pregnancy. Care then continues after pregnancy for both mother and child. Breast feeding is important and again the mother must have adequate nutritional status. In cases where breast feeding is not an option, the baby’s formulae preparations must be adequate nutritionally and address any issues that may come up.

Just some of the nutrients that are essential in pre conception and pregnancy are:
• Folate (folic, folinic acid)
• DHEA fish oil
• Calcium                                                                                                                                                                       • Zinc
• Selenium
• Iron (if levels are low)

These must be considered alongside a clean nutritious diet and lifestyle. The toxic exposures we incur in daily life will have an impact on our reproductive cells such as sperm, egg/embryo and foetus. Being mindful of the chemicals and heavy metals in our food environment and personal products is essential in order to lessen our exposure. Radiation is another exposure that can damage DNA structure. Stress has been shown to affect every stage of conception and hampers the process. By ensuring both parents are leading healthy, active well balanced lives, with their own health issues in check, it sets a solid framework for the baby to develop.

There are specific pregnancy multivitamin formulae available and when combines with the correct nutrients and herbs specific to the individual parent’s health, are highly beneficial in creating a healthy baby. Fertility, conception and pregnancy are all complex processes that require the adequate support of nutrients to ensure they run as optimally as possible.

Make an appointment to consult with a naturopath for support through the whole process. Good health is the greatest gift you can give to your child!