Cupping For Cold & Flu Symptoms

Cupping is a therapeutic technique that originated in ancient China. It is effective in treating a range of conditions. As we head into cooler months, it is helpful in easing cold & flu congestion.

Cupping works by stimulating blood flow and qi.  It helps ease muscular tension. It improves blood flow and helps to treat stagnation. Cupping can also help relieve congestion as it improves circulation. This makes it an effective treatment for colds and flu symptoms.

What is cupping?

A practitioner applies cups to a specific area of the body using a suction technique. These cups are usually made of silicon or glass. This creates a vacuum, drawing blood and oxygen to the area. 

When cups are placed over trigger points or tension spots, they lift the skin. This provides an effective opportunity to release tension.

Using a sliding technique also enhances health outcomes. This sliding technique helps to disperse energy and minimizes the risk of unsightly cupping marks. 

Cupping for Cold & Flu

We find cupping across the mid and upper back and between the shoulder blades can be helpful in cupping for cold & flu symptoms.

Cupping helps to reduce pain. It improves the flow of lymph (thereby helping rid the body of toxins) and ease congestion of the respiratory area.

After a cupping session, many people can experience some redness and warming to the area. This is common and part of the healing process.

We often use cupping as part of a holistic treatment combined with massage or acupuncture to get the best results.

In a cupping massage session, the use of essential oils can further promote recovery from cold and flu symptoms.  Pure eucalyptus, lemon, lavender and ginger essential oils are often used. These oils have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and rubefacient properties that help improve circulation, ease pain and reduce inflammation.

Self Care after Cupping

Following a cupping session, it is important to keep the area covered and warm for a minimum of 24 hours.   Avoid exposure to the cold or wind as these can aggravate symptoms. 

Some marking can occur and this is a sign of toxins beneath the surface of your skin.  Some individuals may also experience fatigue, a sense of feeling under the weather or slightly unwell after a cupping session. This is a result of the body eliminating toxins.

It is important to drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins from the body. Avoid hot showers, steam, sauna and intense exercise immediately following your treatment. Rest and relaxation is also important.

Now is the perfect time to include cupping as part of your remedial massage or acupuncture treatment.