People can get a little stuck when thinking about how to cater for different dietary needs in their Christmas spread; you don’t want a few people left to snack on lettuce. Thankfully, a lot of it is about simple substitutions and just getting a little creative; there are some great vegan products out there (like Gardein and Tofurky “meats” or Biocheese), but they can be a little expensive if you’re only trying to work around one or two people.

In a Greek salad or on an antipasto platter, swap feta for marinated firm tofu.

Coconut bacon makes a great addition to potato salad, and you can find a really easy, cheap recipe for vegan potato salad dressing (vegan ranch) here. For a pasta salad, just make sure your pasta has no traces of egg (should say on the packet) and leave the cheese out of your basil pesto (or swap for nutritional yeast – available in health food shops, and looks like little yellow flakes).

Mushrooms make a great meat substitute, adding richness and texture to a main meal plate – stuff a portobello mushroom with mashed potato, sprinkle on some herbs and breadcrumbs, and bake.

Simple finger foods are always a winner. Crostini with roasted tomatoes and hummus, vegetable sticks, little sandwiches, sushi rolls.

If you’re doing a full roast dinner, these cranberry and sage stuffing balls and roast veggies with tomato and onion gravy are easy and absolutely divine.

Jamie Oliver’s vegan Christmas recipes are well worth a look.

All else failing: ask them for some of their favorite recipes, or have them come and cook with you. Show you’re keen to try something new, and ensure they’re included.