How to Cure Migraine with Acupuncture ~ Christina Atkins, Acupuncture


Many people suffer from debilitating migraines on a weekly, monthly and even daily basis. Often they have tried many drugs from painkillers to suppositories to help ease this chronic pain.

Often, Acupuncture is the last stop on the bus for these people as they are in such a desperate state and are skeptical of the notion that inserting needles (which they associate with more pain ) can help.  If you suffer from debilitating and chronic migraines or know someone who does, please read on and share this information.  I will show you how we can cure a migraine with acupuncture.

Here is a recent patients experience I can share with you:-

A young professional woman, 29 years old has suffered chronic migraines for the past 2 years. The pain was constant and sharp with accompanying dizziness, fainting, anxiety, tightness in the chest and accompanying digestive issues.   She often felt nauseous with no appetite, had no energy and relied on coffee to help her keep going.  Her shoulders, lower back, and neck were often stiff from her job which required her to stand all day.  She also had leg cramps at night and had to evacuate bowels 3-6 times a day, which was affecting her life and ability to work.

One year prior to coming to see me, she was admitted to hospital with tingling on the left side of her body. The doctors said she’d had a small stroke and recommended she go on anti-coagulant medication, although, after researching this medication’s side-effects, she decided against it.

It was then she decided to try acupuncture.

After the first treatment, the pain has reduced and she did not take any painkillers from that week on. She has continued to enjoy a pain and drug-free life.  Her digestion has improved and she no longer lives on coffee but has a renewed appetite for food.  She passes stools only once daily now, and this has reduced the anxiety of needing to always be nearby a bathroom.  Her period is no longer debilitating and she enjoys a  painless menstrual cycle.  Her leg cramps are now gone as the blood can now nourish the muscles.

This young woman had long-term exhaustion from her work, which in general terms had lead to lack of movement in blood flow. When blood doesn’t move through the body well, it will end up causing blockages of energy, which leads to pain as muscles are not being nourished. There is a break down of communication between the body’s muscles and tendons and eventually, organs can be effected (long-term).

Acupuncture is able to release natural endorphins, encourage blood flow to tissues and release muscle tension.

Moxibustion can bring heat to cold places, warming gently as it dilates the capillaries.

After 6 x weekly treatments, this patient continues to live a pain-free, drug-free life and frequently comes in for regular treatments to maintain her overall health and well being.


Christina Atkins, Practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture