What Our Clients Say...


“I first started seeing Maya Sweeney for a niggling ongoing and vague ear-ache of sorts.  In finding the right remedy Maya explored the symptoms in detail including what alleviated the symptom or made it worse, a time of day it was better or worse etc.  Maya then asked me about other states of my health, not just physical but also emotional and mental.  What is so fascinating about Homeopathy is that out of the hundreds of remedies there is one that matches the particular combination of symptoms being experienced. I had also been experiencing some emotional stress and was finding it impossible to break the cycle of obsessive thoughts and my emotional response to them (at times weeping and sobbing uncontrollably) concerning a particular situation in my life.  All this information gave a remedy ‘picture’ so to speak, even down to the content of the dream I had the night before (loosening and pulling out my teeth!!!) matched with this remedy!  I started taking it and reported to Maya a couple of days later that on the second night of taking the remedy my symptoms seemed to intensify acutely and dramatically but the morning after I woke up clear and refreshed as if a huge weight had been lifted from me…as if I had battled through something!  Maya informed me this was the ideal response; further indicating it was the exact remedy for me and at the right potency and dose. So many other ‘symptoms’ which I had taken for granted all my life as part of my nature also began to turn around, for example fluid retention and sluggish menses.  I am very grateful to Maya and for this seemingly simple but potent medicine.”  



“The day I was introduced to Tibetan singing bowls, as a healing instrument was a significant day for me.

As part of the massage therapy session, Maya lay the bowls along my back. To my astonishment the vibration produced was one of the most soothing effects I ever experienced. The only way it could be described is the sound fundamentally altered my body frequency. I felt so good and energised, a feeling I could describe as heavenly.”

William de OraBest-selling author – The Invisible Partnership: How To Live, Love, and Work With Your Life Partner


“The therapists at Haberfield Naturopathic Centre are the core, the heart, of my health maintenance team. My name is Judith, I’m 68 years old, and this is breaking down, that’s falling apart,and the other thing doesn’t work properly. Despite these age inconveniences, I’m in great nick thanks to Rosa, Irene and Domenica.

Rosa has been providing me with therapeutic, healing, relaxing massages about once a month for 6-8 years. When I’m in the massage room with soft lighting, soothing music and Rosa’s firm, confident and expert hands, arms, elbows finding the kinks, smoothing out the knots, applying aromatherapy oils to suit my need at that time, I relish my treatment. This is my time, my well-being, me being cared for and care about. After half an hour I leave feeling strong, supple and pampered. Rosa’s in depth knowledge, expertise and lovely attitude cannot be doubted.

Irene is a more recent addition to my team, probably around 2 years or so. I’d long considered acupuncture and, after my first consultation with Irene, I knew I’d found THE person and I’ve never looked back. Irene, and her little needles, works health improving magic. I call it magic but I know the years of study, work, practice and care that has gone into making my acupuncture sessions seem so simple and so affirming. I look forward to every visit, knowing that exactly what I need will be carefully and skilfully discovered and treated. I don’t know precisely how acupuncture works, or just what Irene feels when she takes my pulses, I just know that every time I have a treatment I leave the Centre feeling well, energized, and clear in body and mind.

Then there’s the lovely Domenica, who smiles, chats, laughs and pours beautiful tea. But more than that she manages much of the administration with tact, personal attention and great cheerfulness.

I cannot now imagine my life without the wonderful, professional therapists and practitioners at the Haberfield Naturopathic Centre. The total package of ambiance, caring and skill will keep me returning for many years to come. Many years I have thanks to them.” 

Judith TownsendHaberfield