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Natasha Jones – Transpersonal Art Therapist

Natasha Jones

Before I knew about Art Therapy, I was crippled with anxiety and grief, in agony from chronic nerve pain and working part-time as a debt collector in the government sector.

I started studying Transpersonal Art Therapy in 2014 and am now:

  • Working in Haberfield Health Clinic 2 days per week, seeing one-on-one clients.
  • Writing Art Therapy and mindfulness workshops ready to use in schools with children in Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6 from mid 2017
  • Co-facilitating grief camps as a volunteer with “Feel The Magic”
  • I chaperoned a grieving family to Disneyland California with Feel The Magic
  • Co-facilitating Afghanistan Refugee Women’s workshops as a volunteer with Guildford Community Centre
  • I have written and facilitate my own“Inner Magic” Workshops for children
  • I have written and facilitate my own “Inner Bravery” workshops for children
  • I am also writing a 10-week anxiety workshop that I will be co-facilitating with a well-respected Clinical Psychologist from the Inner West.

I know, first hand, the magic of Art therapy and how it has changed my life and I would like to help guide you to find your own inner strength, purpose and meaning so you too can enrich your life.

I have been learning and practising meditation for over 20 years and more recently, learnt Mindfulness techniques and I often incorporate these into my sessions as I believe that being stuck in the thoughts of our mind,  (especially after suffering from anxiety) stop us reaching the richness that is within us all.