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Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in Health Hub |

Keep Well in Winter with a regular Massage ~ Rosa Ghidella

For many people, getting a massage is considered something of a luxury, an indulgence that your partner may gift you for Valentine’s Day or your birthday, a pamper session that you save up for to experience in a spa.

The importance of a regular massage throughout the entire year, but particularly in winter, cannot be overstated.


The truth is that a massage, in this modern world, is more a necessity than it is a one-off treat.  A regular massage has numerous health-boosting benefits that keep you well and strong, particularly in the winter months, when our bodies are exposed to more stressors through the cold and elements.  Regular massage is also a strong preventative measure to ensure that you keep a range of ailments at bay, while you stay well and healthy.  In fact, a regular massage can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself to stay well.


Most of us know that a regular (and I emphasize a REGULAR massage) helps to ease muscular aches and pains, sports-related injuries or those symptoms that are stress-related.  In doing so, it creates a deeper sense of relaxation that can be experienced long after the massage has ended.


Boosts Circulation
One of the most important benefits of a regular massage is the boost it offers our circulation or blood flow.  Why is this important?  Our blood transports important nutrients and oxygen to our cells, to our inner organs, our skin, muscles and joints, ensuring they are properly nourished.  Blood also transports waste products from our liver, kidneys and intestines, to ensure effective elimination.  During the colder months, everything contracts and this can mean that we experience a myriad of aches and pains.  For example, if you suffer from arthritis, you may have noticed that your joints are stiffer and the pain you experience is more intense.


Strengthens the Immune System
The immune system helps us fight off infection, bacteria and other illnesses, many of which we are more vulnerable to in the winter months.  Massage helps to keep our immune system strong by promoting more effective lymph flow.  Lymph is a fluid that is transported via the complex lymphatic system, and its role is to carry white blood cells which help to fight off infections and bacteria, and to help eliminate waste.  An effective lymphatic system is essential to a strong immune system and more importantly during winter.


Improves skin tone
One of the secondary benefits of a regular massage is improved skin tone.  As massage therapy boosts circulation and oxygen flow to the cells, it naturally helps nourish the skin.  Our massage therapists only use practitioner-grade massage oils, which are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that help nourish and feed the skin.


Treating low moods in Winter
During winter, many of us experience lower moods.  This can be the result of many factors, but particularly the cooler weather, increased aches and pains, stiffer joints, the grey skies and our “hibernation” indoors.   Like nature, we tend to slow down during the winter and this can result in feelings of depression. Regular massage can help improve mood, reduce anxiety and promote a deep sense of relaxation.  By relieving pain, massage can go a long way in easing both the physical and emotional discomfort connected to pain.