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Remedial Massage

Haberfield Health Inner West Remedial Massage Clinic

Why Choose Remedial Massage?

Do you want to feel deeply relaxed whilst receiving overall improvement in your health? Are you looking for a professional body treatment that offers multiple techniques to address your needs?

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy, reaching as far back as 5000BC. Massage involves various hands on techniques to relieve pain, relax, improve, and tone the body as a whole. While one single massage will be enjoyable; the effects of massage are cumulative. A course of massage provides the best results.

  • promotes a sense of relaxation & well-being
  • calms the nervous system
  • eases muscular tension, discomfort, spasms & cramps.
  • improves posture, flexibility, mobility & strength
  • reduces tension & anxiety
  • relieves pain & discomfort, particularly chronic
  • minimises fatigue & replenishes ones energy
  • improves blood circulation, providing oxygen to cells
  • stimulates the lymphatic system, which eliminates the body’s waste products
  • improves quality & pattern of sleep
  • improves both physical & mental performance
  • aids recovery from sports injury
  • minimises injuries
  • regulates blood pressure
  • promotes post-operative recovery
  • reduces stress
  • enhances metabolism
  • improves skin tone

Remedial Massage qualifies for rebates.

Please check your therapist has the corresponding Health Fund

Our Massage Team

Lina Ishac Al Zaouk

Lina initially graduated with a Diploma Remedial Therapies in 1996 and has since had a range of clinical experience with her signature treatments in bodywork. Her speciality is sports massage, lymphatic and body sculpturing.

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After her journey in her professional life in Finance and Technology, Suba over the last 5 years has returned to her lifelong passion for people and health. Suba is a qualified Darlius® Energy Healer & Massage Therapist.

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Sarah Jensen

During my 15 year massage career I have held various roles including osteopathic assistant, day spa therapist, corporate and event massage therapist as well as operate my own private massage practice.

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