When it comes to the HSC and your children’s future, you need to walk the fine line between keeping them motivated, and ensuring they don’t get completely overwhelmed by pressure. So: ask your kid what the HSC will help them achieve career wise, but ask them about their other plans too.

Talk to them about how a bit of knowledge about foreign cultures will make it easier to make friends and navigate life in another country on your OE. Talk to them about how math will help them figure out the budget to restore an old car. Talk to them about how science is weirdly useful in the kitchen – knowing how things react and how to measure properly is a great skill to have if they ever plan to survive a Masterchef pressure test. Talk to them about how art history will help them spot things others don’t, and learn to look closer.

If you can make them see the value in the tests and the knowledge as well as the certificate they get at the end, you’ll keep them on track without setting them up to collapse.

Don’t forget that we’re holding info nights for families wanting to have a happy and successful HSC experience – these run every Wednesday in February. Bookings are essential, so please call the clinic to register your interest.