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Coaching & Counselling

Our Inner West Coaching & Counselling Clinic.
Several specialists are ready to assist you.

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What type of Coaching & Counselling do you provide?

Our services include:-

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Transformational Coaching – Lina Bavaro
  • Time Line Therapy® – Lina Bavaro
  • Hypnotherapy – Lina Bavaro
  • Counselling – Lina Ishac Al Zaouk
  • Mindful Therapy – Lina Ishac Al Zaouk
  • Transpersonal Art Therapy – Natasha Jones


Our Team


Lina Ishac Al Zaouk

Lina Ishac Al Zaouk

Lina initially graduated with a Diploma Remedial Therapies in 1996 and has since had a range of clinical experience with her signature treatments in bodywork. Her speciality is sports massage, lymphatic and body sculpturing.

Lina’s believes everyone needs Vitamin “T” in their lives. Touch is so important for optimal health and wellbeing. Lina is very passionate about her work and works from the heart.

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