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MENOPAUSE – What on earth is happening to me?

Menopause 2by Naturopath, Anita Chakraburty

Are your periods becoming irregular? Have you been sweating at night more than Schapelle Corby prior to her parole announcement? Do you have the sex-drive of a nun? Do you wonder if you need a psychiatric assessment as your moods are so up and down? Madam, you may be experiencing perimenopause, the starter before the main dish of menopause! So what exactly is happening to your body that makes these symptoms appear anywhere between your late 30’s and early 50’s? The chief hormonal culprits are oestrogen and testosterone.

Menopause originates from the Greek “meno” meaning monthly and “pausis” meaning to stop.Peri-menopause or as it used to be called “climacteric” relates to the period before menopause and can last anything from two to six years. Peri-menopausal symptoms are caused by the irregular functioning of your ovaries and big changes in the quantities of oestrogen and progesterone that are produced.

The number of follicles (immature eggs) you have in your ovaries decreases as you age. As you enter peri-menopause, the quantity of follicles further decreases. As your eggs produce oestrogen, this leads to a reduction in the amount of ovarian oestrogen produced. The lowered oestrogen levels do not reach the levels needed to tell your body to stop producing FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). FSH causes immature eggs to mature into the eggs that are released during ovulation over 14 days. However, as FSH is now released at too high a level as oestrogen is too low, follicles are maturing too quickly and becoming poor quality eggs.

As fewer and fewer follicles remain in the ovaries, oestrogen levels continue to drop. This also affects luteinising hormone (LH), and it is the rapid surge in LH that causes you to ovulate. Over time, ovulation then ceases completely. A bit like England’s ability to get runs during The Ashes Test!

Unfortunately the decrease in oestrogen and increases in FSH and LH can be erratic during the peri-menopausal period. When hormonal changes occur gradually, there are fewer menopausal symptoms. The symptoms actually relate to the erratic rising and falling of oestrogen, as opposed to a slow general decline of oestrogen. These sharp rises and falls of oestrogen are called the “overshoot phenomenon”.

Once you have not had a period for 12 months, you are officially in menopause! Congratulations! Now you have the joy of a possible prolapse, increased urinary tract infections, dry vagina, heart disease and osteoporosis to get excited about. Oestrogen is protective of all those aforementioned conditions. However, just because you are in menopause does not mean you are not producing oestrogen.

Oestradiol is the type of oestrogen produced by the ovaries. Post-menopausal oestrogen is oestrone, and this is less biologically active than oestradiol. In fact it is 12 times weaker than oestrogen and is produced from a hormone produced by your adrenals post-menopause.

The decline in testosterone as you age also causes menopausal symptoms. During menopause it drops by about 15%. Reduced testosterone contributes to low libido, depression and poor stamina. Some menopausal women find they suffer from male-pattern baldness countered by increased facial hair.

Progesterone production is also erratic around menopause, as you need follicles and ovulation for progesterone to be produced. Erratic levels of progesterone leads to changes in your menstrual cycle and mid-cycle bleeding during peri-menopause.

So what influences the age your menopause occurs? There are a few predictors that indicate an earlier or later menopause. The age your periods began may influence the age your periods will cease. If you started bleeding at a young age, say 9 or 10 years old, your menopause may be later. If you started bleeding in your late teens, your periods may cease earlier. The age when your Mother became menopausal is another indicator. If your mum doesn’t remember, I’m sure that felicitous time is etched in your Father’s memory!

Body weight also influences the age of menopause. Thinner women are more likely to have an earlier menopause than heavier women. Being very overweight may delay menopause until you are in your fifties. So, if you want to delay hot flushes, low libido, hair loss and mood swings, better reach for that shortbread instead of that skipping rope!


The Physician’s Handbook of Clinical Nutrition, 7th Ed, Henry Osiecki

Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle, 3rd Ed, Ruth Trickey

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Kinesiology – a powerful tool for changing ingrained negative patterns & behaviours.

Teen Angst

Kinesiology is such a powerful tool for changing ingrained negative patterns and behaviours. And the early that you start (age wise) the easier it is to clear these patterns. This is because as we get older we keep on adding more and more layers on top of a complex issue.

Take the case of Natasha – a 15 year old teenager – plagued with a constant stream of negative thoughts going around and around in her head. Add on top of that, the complex relationship with her estranged father. In just three sessions, we were able to clear Natasha’s negative thought pattern and help to repair the relationship with her father.


Case Study – Natasha’s Negative Thoughts

Natasha* is a 15 year old teenage girl from a single parent family (she lives with her mother and younger sister). Her father left the family when she was five years old. Natasha’s mind “could get very busy” as it would be full of negative thoughts that would just spiral around and around and around. This is the reason that she has sought treatment. Natasha wanted to work towards a future where she was able to feel calm and relaxed. A future where her mind was full of positive thoughts not negative ones

Natasha had also experienced anxiety in her past. It started when she was eight years old when her father got back in contact. And lasted for four more years.

Session one:

We entered in a goal of “My mind is calm and clear” – which was a stress on her body.

First up we looked to see if there were any attitudes affecting Natasha. The words “Self-denial, Repression & Martyr” came up. Natasha said that she could relate to them. That there is a lot that she would like to say to people, but she doesn’t because it wouldn’t resolve anything.

We also needed visit a time in Natasha’s past, when she was three years and five months old. This is when Natasha’s younger sister Sarah was born. Natasha’s mother mentioned that when Sarah was born, Natasha took on a caring motherly role. And Natasha mentioned that she sometimes finds it hard to have fun with her little sister. We put the following statement into circuit.

v  “I can enjoy and have fun with my sister” – No

Natasha mentioned that she believes that her father loves her sister more than he loves her. We also tested this.

v  “My father loves my sister and myself equally” – No

v  “My father loves my sister more than me” – Yes

We then got permission to move into the correction phase. The correction that come up was “Toxic Emotions”. This relates to when we feel an emotion so much that it doubles in on itself. i.e. we get angry at ourselves for being angry all of the time. The emotions that came up for Natasha were:

v  Emotion: Guilt

v  Toxic Emotion: Resentment

v  Toxic Behaviour: Always looking for a new answer

This trio of emotions relates to when Natasha was 10 years and a half years old and the interactions that she had with her father. Natasha mentions that when she talks to her father on the phone, the calls always seem to end in arguments.

I held (with the help of Natasha’s mother) the corrective acupuncture points for 20 minutes.

Backing out of the session, we retested the statements

v  “My father loves my sister and myself equally” – No

v  “My father loves my sister more than me” – No (a nice shift)

v  “I can enjoy and have fun with my sister” – Yes

Natasha was given homework of spraying an energetic spray called “Present Time” over her body morning and night for two months.

 Session two:

It has been four weeks since Natasha’s first session. Natasha mentioned that she has been feeling a lot calmer now. That a lot of the negative thoughts (that used to go through her head) have disappeared. Natasha has been in contact with her father via text messages. She is worried about how he will react to their conversations. She is worried that he will get angry at her. For today’s session, Natasha was happy to let her body choose a goal, and her body wanted three goals put into circuit

v  I am worthy regardless of what I do – stressed

v  I shine – stressed

v  I express my truth – stressed

I also checked the limiting belief that we were not able to clear in the last session

v  “My father loves my sister and myself equally” – Yes (this had energetically shifted between the sessions)

First up we looked to see if there were any attitudes affecting Natasha. The words “Apprehensive Insecurity” came up. Natasha mentioned that she finds it hard to make decisions about everything.

We again needed to look at a time in Natasha’s past. This time it was at the age of one year & seven months old. It related to the shock of having to remove her uncle’s belongings out of the house after he had died. I gave Natasha some “Shock Absorber” flower essence to help with this past trauma.

We got permission to correct and the correction was an “Emotional Tissue Scan”. Injured tissue can hold residual stress long after the original injury has healed. The area indicated was Natasha’s lower back and related to when she was 7 years & 7 months old. The survival emotions of “Freeze & Flight” were linked to this injury. I held (with the help of Natasha’s mother) the corrective acupuncture points for 20 minutes. I also gave Natasha some “Baggage Buster” flower essence to help clear any emotional baggage still lingering around.

I retested the goals

v  I am worthy regardless of what I do – energetically strong

v  I shine – energetically strong

v  I express my truth – energetically strong

Natasha had to keep a Prehnite crystal next to her bed as homework for the next five months

Session three:

It has four months since Natasha’s second session. Since that time, Natasha has been feeling a lot better and the negative thoughts have almost disappeared. The main focus of today’s session was going to be around Natasha’s relationship with her father. She has been feeling confused when she converses with him because she doesn’t know where she stands with him. i.e. Natasha doesn’t know if

v  Her father loves her

v  She could accept the love of her father

Natasha mentioned that there are times that she gets very angry with her father i.e. “Why did you do that?” (basically everything)

Today’s goal was: I accept love from others – stressed

First up we looked to see if there were any attitudes affecting Natasha. The information that we needed was linked to the Rhodochrosite crystal – “Helps to identify ongoing patterns & show the purpose behind the experience”. Having a look at what might be an ongoing pattern for Natasha, we tested the following belief.

v  “I am unlovable” – Yes

Next Natasha’s body wanted to ask her a question linking to the Heart Chakra. “Do you find joy with people?” Natasha says that she finds joy with her friends. Again we tested this statement.

v  “I am worthy of my friendship with my friends” – No

I explained to Natasha, that if she has the belief that she cannot accept love from others, that she is unlovable and that she is unworthy of friends, then this makes it very difficult for her to maintain relationships.

These limiting beliefs have an energy to them, a repealing energy e.g. “like a lighthouse beckon saying ‘stay away from me’”. Once we have cleared these beliefs, then she will find that her friendships and relationships will slowly start to change.

We then got permission to move into the correction phase. Once again it was the “Toxic Emotions” correction. The emotions that came up for Natasha were:

v  Emotion: Guilt

v  Toxic Emotion: Worthless

v  Toxic Behaviour: Teasing

Natasha could relate to these emotions. I held the corrective acupuncture points (again with the help of Natasha’s mother) for 40 minutes

Natasha’s body also needed a Spirit Point (beneficial for producing major change) activated. As we had run out of time, I placed an essential oil blend on the point so that it would continue to correct after the session was over.

Upon backing out of the session, I retested the limiting beliefs

v  “I am worthy of my friendships with my friends” – Yes

v  “I am unlovable” – No

“I am lovable” – Yes

I then retested the goal – “I accept love from others” and it was energetically strong

Natasha’s body indicated, that at this time, no further sessions were needed around these issues.

*Natasha’s name has been changed

If you are wondering if Kinesiology can also benefit you, why not give Liesl a call on 0419 271 394 to have a quick chat to see if Kinesiology can make a difference in your life

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Could your subconscious mind be sabotaging your chances of falling pregnant?

by Liesl Frank


Making the decision to get pregnant, to start a family with your beloved, can be an exciting and nerve racking time. And once you have made that decision, then you go for it gun-ho and you know what that means? Lots and lots of sex – Woo Hoo!!!!

Chalkboard FamilyBut if after having months and months of sex (woo hoo), the pregnancy tests continue to come back negative. The stress starts to set in. You start to wonder whether either one of you might have fertility issues. So you go to a specialist and get all of the tests done. There could be:

v Ovulation problems

v Poor egg quality

v Low sperm count

v Low healthy sperm count etc.

The specialist might suggest a number of treatments, including going through an IVF cycle. What if you do everything the doctor suggests, and still no luck. This can cause a great deal of stress and pressure on your relationship as well as your finances.

What if there was an energetic reason as to why you are no getting pregnant? As I explained in my blog “Stop sabotaging your life”, sometimes our unconscious / subconscious beliefs can have a real impact on our everyday lives. I’m going to share with you some examples from three of my clients (who have all given me permission to share their stories)

Sarah* was enjoying life and nights out drinking with her partner and their friends. She then found out that she was pregnant. Around the 12 week mark, they did the usual tests and found out that the embryo had the markers for Downe Syndrome. They made the difficult decision to terminate the baby. Sarah was worried that she had poisoned her child by the nights that she went out drinking before she knew that she was pregnant

We identified that Sarah had a number of limiting beliefs in place

“I deserve to have another child” – No

“I had my chance & I blew it” – Yes

“I have put up an energetic ‘stay away’ sign to my future children” – Yes

At the end of the Kinesiology session we were able to turn these around to

“I deserve to have another child” – Yes

“I had my chance and I blew it” – No

“I haven’t blown it” – Yes

“I have put up an energetic ‘stay away’ sign to my future children” – No

“I have not put up an energetic ‘stay away’ sign to my future children” – Yes

“My future children are welcome any time” – Yes

Tania* had been feeling guilty for years about the abortion that she had had early on in her marriage to her husband. After three years of marriage, they separated and then got divorced. Ten years on, Tania is still holding onto a lot of guilt, shame and blame in regards to having the abortion. Some of the beliefs were:

“I have missed the boat of life” – Yes

“I must punish myself for my life decisions” – Yes

Tania’s Angels wanted to pass on the message to her that she had to stop beating herself up about the abortion and to forgive herself.

Through the Kinesiology sessions we were able to change these beliefs around to

“I have missed the boat of life” – No

“I have not missed the boat of life” – Yes

“I am still on the boat of life” – Yes

“I must punish myself for my life decisions” – No

Pregnant CoupleBelinda* has always wanted to be a mother, ever since she was a little girl. She and her husband have been trying for a while now to start a family. It came to light that Belinda’s mother had a very difficult time falling pregnant with her. It took 14 years of trying before Belinda was conceived. It was also a very difficult pregnancy as well.

Belinda had adopted what we call a “surrogating belief”. Because her mother had had such a difficult time falling pregnant, Belinda also believed that she would have the same difficult time falling pregnant.

“I will have the same problems falling pregnant that my mother had” – Yes

“I have a fear of pregnancy” – Yes

Belinda needed to say the following statement 15 times to clear this belief. “I release the need to know that falling pregnant is difficult for my mother. And I now choose to know that falling pregnant is easy and I will have a healthy family”

“I will have the same problems falling pregnant that my mother had” – No

“I have a fear of pregnancy” – No

These three examples show you how our subconscious mind may have an impact on our attempts to fall pregnant. So in addition to the work that you are doing with your fertility specialist (and/or other complementary medicine options), it might be worthwhile to do some energetic work with Kinesiology as well.

If you would like to find out more about how Kinesiology can help you, why not give Liesl, our Kinesiologist, a call for a confidential chat.

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Boost your Chances of Falling Pregnant in your 40s

Natural FertlityFertility can decline in women once they hit 40. But don’t despair! Here are some hints and tips on improving your fertility in your 40’s.

Astrology: When the moon has the same lunar phase as the day you were born (new moon, full moon etc) a 2nd spontaneous ovulation occurs. Dr Jonas was a Czech gynaecologist and astrologer in the 1950’s. He stumbled across ancient Babylonian Astrological texts explaining the correlation with the moon and fertility. Dr. Kurt Rechnitz expanded on the work of Dr Jonas by including measurements of women’s basal temperature shifts. If you know your date, time and place of birth an astrologer will be able to tell you your moon phase and boost your conception opportunities.

Improve Thyroid function: Stress is the BIGGEST obstacle to fertility. Stress can be detrimental to the thyroid and if your thyroid function is compromised, it can affect your fertility. Seaweed (in the form of nori sheets, seaweed salads etc) can help if your thyroid is below par (hypothyroidism).

Xenoestrogens: These are synthetic oestrogens found in MANY household products. They mimic natural oestrogen and can lead to symptoms of oestrogen dominance including endometriosis, fibroids and PMS. Easy ways to eliminate xenoestrogens include:

  • ·        avoid storing or heating food in plastic containers. Use glass/ceramic bowls instead.
  • ·        throw out all household cleaners and use only bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.
  • ·        eat only organic meat as it will be hormone and chemical-free.
  • ·        use baking parchment instead of cling film to wrap food.
  • ·        discard any body products containing parabens and use only paraben-free items.

Phytoestrogens: Do you have more facial hair than you did months ago? Is your waistline expanding despite your healthy lifestyle? Your oestrogen levels may be dropping. However, plants can be used to naturally boost oestrogen levels. Phytoestrogens are plant-based oestrogens. Soy beans (NOT soy milk or tofu) and flaxseed oil have high levels of phytoestrogens. Soy beans are available in tins and can be used in salads or to make a fabulous hummus. Choose edamane in Japanese restaurants or take-aways as they are immature soybeans still in their pods. Flaxseed oil can be used as salad dressing or added to smoothies. It must be stored in the fridge else it will go rancid!

Antioxidants: Egg quality can reduce in women in their 40’s, so antioxidant foods must be consumed daily. These include foods containing vitamin C and E as wells as purple foods. Include the following foods in your diet to lessen the effects of free-radical damage to your eggs:

  • ·        blueberries, blackberries raspberries
  • ·        oranges, grapefruits, kiwis
  • ·        pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans
  • ·        Sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nuts

Anita Chakraburtty (MSc Chem, B.Nat, Dip.Nut, Cert.Astrology) is a Naturopath who specialises in female and male reproductive health, fertility, labour, and chronic skin conditions. As a member of the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrology), Anita uses ancient astrological techniques to boost conception success. For further fertility information visit and


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Painful Periods? Help is at Hand.

AcupuncEastern medicine regards the menstrual cycle as a mirror of a women’s health. Menstruation should be painless & accompanied by minimal pre & postmenstrual signs & symptoms. We know that menstruation should be of sufficient volume, a rich fresh color & free from clots. In Western Medicine often menstrual disorders are masked with medication for example the pill, pain killers or IUD’s.  Unfortunately this only serves as a band aid & often the problem is still present when a woman decides to start a family & needs to come off the medication. She may find that getting pregnant is not as easy as Mother Nature intended.

Where possible it is best to deal with menstrual disorders as early as possible so the root of the disharmony can be uncovered allowing a woman to have an increased sense of wellbeing, overall health & protect her fertility for the future.

If there is free flow there is no pain: if there is pain there is no free flow. In Eastern medicine, the uterus & the liver are closely related. The liver maintains the free flow of the Qi or vital energy of the body. Liver Qi stagnation is often associated with PMT. The liver, spleen & kidney channels run through the pelvis & all can effect menstruation. If any of these channels are blocked, congested or deficient, this will usually manifest in women as some sort of menstrual problem.

Here is a quick insight into how Eastern medicine views the menstrual cycle:

– Excess heat or Yang- Menses is extremely bright red Color, short Cycle or Possible Early Menstruation (5 To 7 Days) Blood Is Either Dried up in a Short Cycle (heat drying the fluids), Or Heavy Due To Pushing Force of Heat.

– Chronic Deficient heat or Yin deficiency Menses is Brown or Dark Red, Scanty

-Blood stagnation / long term internal cold- Menses might be dark Purplish, Long Period or No Period Due To Excess Fluids or Cold Respectively. Possible Blood Clots with stabbing pain.

-Yang deficiency / chronic deficient cold condition- Long menstrual cycle, thin, or light colored period. Dull pain that feels better with warmth applied e.g.  Heat pack on the abdomen.  Delayed Menstruation, Irregular or possible skipped cycle (No Cycle)

This is just a very basic guide to what the body reflects as Eastern Medicine is a holistic practice so many other symptoms & signs need to be taken into consideration for a practitioner to decide on the root of your imbalance .

A following example is of a patient who came to see me for period pain.

20 year old girl with painful periods since she was 11years old when menses began.  She was involved in an accident when she was 10 years old & her hip bone was broken. Her period is regular but she suffers from debilitating pain & relies on heavy pain killers every month so she can function. Her period is heavy, dark red with a large number of clots.  She has acne problems & suffers from low self-esteem.  She only passes stools twice a week relying on laxatives.   She also has cold hands & feet indicating poor circulation.  Has regular headaches & stiff, painful shoulders & relies on pain medication regularly.

After 3 treatments with acupuncture & Chinese herbs daily she passes stools every second day, the stiffness in her shoulders has gone.  Her periods are less painful & her skin is clearing up & as a result her self-esteem greatly improved. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view this young girl is suffering from ‘blood stagnation’ in the lower abdomen. This could have originated when she broke her hip as a child as local trauma can cause long term circulation issues. This affects her bowels & her menses & indirectly her skin.  In Eastern medicine there is a close relationship with the large intestine, lungs & skin.  When waste cannot be emptied properly it will be reflected on our skin which is our largest detoxifying organ.  The headaches are caused by a lack of free flow of Qi in the meridians as is the shoulder stiffness & cold hands & feet.  Once the blood & Qi is regulated harmony is restored to the body.

This young girl continues to receive treatment & has given up dependence on pain medication & laxatives.

Women of all ages can benefit from Acupuncture care.  For young women just beginning to menstruate, acupuncture can help relieve cramps and PMS. The menstrual cycle can be comfortable and regular so that it won’t interfere with normal activities.  Your mother may tell you that her period was difficult until she had her first baby. But you don’t have to wait that long. PMS symptoms usually begin to disappear quickly with treatment.  Chronic menstrual problems respond well to more long term care.  Acupuncture combined with herbal medicine restrains heavy bleeding associated with fibroids & endometriosis and relieves pain. For women who are trying to become pregnant, acupuncture sometimes helps solve problems of infertility.  After childbirth, acupuncture & herbal medicine are very helpful in restoring & replenishing the new mother’s energy.  So don’t rely on drugs to mask  your body’s imbalances come & see for yourself that is another way forward for  your body to achieve the balance that it naturally strives for.

I welcome any questions

Christina Noelle Atkins

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